Weekly Star Wars MMO & Mobile Game Report





Brought to you by Talons Pryde





The Old Republic (as of June 2 17:00 UTC)









Imperial Guild Level: 16












Officer Corps:













Legacy Fel (Havok)





last on 20 days

















Legacy Branet (Earnim Branet)





last on 4 days



Legacy Alvaak (GARonin – the founder of the EH, Heresis and Krenn are officers)

last on 1 day



Legacy Blackheart (Harkon and Kel'morath)





last on 1 year





Legacy Satal-keto (Javelin, Rapier, Spetum, and Waraxe,mm Scimitar is an officer)

last on 16 days



Legacy Vaconta (Nerryl)





last on 47 days

















Legacy Valentia (Aunvyrae, Nessima, Shielynn, Vaela'ven, and Ventress)

last on 197 days



Legacy Eisenfuast (Burnought)





last on 347 days



Legacy Dia (4 variations of Ezria)





last on 98 days




Legacy Sassypants (Foxybrowneye)





last on 336 days



Legacy Belthazar (Fraunz and Polsivius)





last on 1 year




Legacy T'ushii (Haunz and Yapple Dapple)





last on 317 days



Legacy Lap'lamiz (Kammy Koopa, Komilia_6380747, 2 variations of Kamjin, and Kam_6405385, )

last on 196 days


Namenotassigned (no legacy)





last on 350 days

activity dates:












Legacy Ikra (Reinay)

last on 2 days










Legacy Pryde (EH1112)

last on current









Republic Guild Level: 1












Officer Corps:












Guildmaster: Legacy Alvaak (Leghrand – Helelipos is a deputy)

last on 3 days



















Legacy Blackheart (Athran, Torell)

last on 1 year










Legacy Branet (Branet)

last on 3 days










Legacy Satal-Keto (Catapult, Dagger, Katana, Scimitar)

last on 17 days







Legacy Adorno (Johnholliday and Xanderkaiser)

last on 32 days








Legacy Odinson (U'ruz)

last on 1 year























Legacy Valentia (Arali'ven Therealone and Saissa)

last on 3 years








Legacy Lap'lamiz (Jagaken, Kamujin, Khyron)

last on 1 year









Legacy Pryde (TC1818)

last on current






Last activity dates:












No other members logged on in the last 8 days









Galaxy of Heroes (as of June 2 17:15 UTC)









Guild strength: 63,349,445 (+ 351,809)









Membership: 49 (-1)











Officer Corps:












Pellaeon (leader)

Last on 21 hours 40 minutes










Joa Clark

Last on 12 hours 22 minutes











Last on 2 hours 29 minutes











Last on 20 hours 33 minutes










Talons Pryde

Last on current










Elwood theBrave

Last on 195 days 9 hours











Masta H'appyman

Last on 27 days 9 hours










Guild Raids: Sith Triumvirate is in Phase 3

Special Events Schedule: This month's login rewards features Geonosian Spy, Raddus and Finalizer blueprints are this week starting the 4th and 7th respectively Hoth Omega battle starts on the 5th

Past week:


Last activity dates:




last on 5 days 18 hours


Captain David

last on 4 days 23 hours



last on 4 days 14 hours


Merioon Valhoun

last on 2 days 1 hour


Honsou Kessen


last on 2 days 55 minutes




last on 1 day 5 hours


Kaiden Beaupre

last on 1 day 19 minutes



last on 18 hours 47 minutes



last on 18 hours 26 minutes


3 Foot Hooded Minion of Doom


last on 14 hours 14 minutes


Tric tredial


last on 13 hours 52 minutes



last on 13 hours 17 minutes



last on 11 hours 12 minutes



last on 11 hours 12 minutes



last on 8 hours 48 minutes



last on 6 hours 47 minutes


sky wrap

last on 5 hours 24 minutes



last on 4 hours 47 minutes


Emerald in Japanese

last on 3 hours 22 minutes



last on 2 hours 6 minutes



last on 2 hours 1 minute


Mol Eliza


last on 1 hour 3 minutes




last on 1 hour 3 minutes



last on 17 minutes 27 seconds



last on 12 minutes 4 seconds



Mol Eliza promoted Mob Enforcer, Wedge Antilles, 1st Order TIE Pilot, Stormtrooper, Tusken Shaman, Geonosian Spy, Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter, Poe Dameron's X-wing, and Rex's ARC-170 to 7 stars, upgraded Chopper to gear XI

FrekeShowe upgraded Jedi Knight Anakin to gear XII, zeta'ed Aggressive Tactician (General Veers), Shoots First (Han Solo), and and Queen's Will (Geonosian Brood Alpha), upgraded Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios to gear XI, promoted General Veers to 7 stars HennyG maxed out Grand Master Yoda's gear (XIII), promoted Zam Wesell and Jawa to 7 stars, updraged Barriss Offee to gear IX, zeta'ed Ghost Company Commander (CC-2224 “Cody”), upgraded CT-5555 “Fives” to gear XII, upgraded CT-7567 “Rex” to gear


Dustie promoted Kylo Ren and Jedi Consular to 7 stars

Coranel promoted Captain Han Solo to 7 stars, upgraded Bastila Shan (Fallen) to gear IX

Golbez was the top contributor in THE PIT: Heroic, upgraded Geonosian Brood Alpha to gear XII DarthHunter zeta'ed Loyalty to the Maker (HK-47)

Talons Pryde upgraded Darth Vader to gear XII

Chtholios promoted Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, General Grievous, and Greedo to 7 stars, upgraded Hera Syndulla to gear IX Taylor promoted TIE Addvanced x1 to 7 stars, upgraded Emperor Palpatine to gear XII

Merioon Valhoun upgraded Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios to gear IX Pellaeon upgraded Jango Fett to gear XII

Tric tredial zeta'ed Brute (Savage Opress) Kamenriderfire promoted HK-47 to 7 stars


In short, things are as usual. My previous comments on this stand.

I will be changing the format of this report in the coming weeks for better visuals and easier readability. Also, starting next week, Only confirmed EH members will have their activity listed. Aside from the command staff, known EH members in the GoH are highlighted in green. People that I suspect are in the EH are in sky blue. All others need confirmation. Also, by the end of the month, I am going to request membership associations with the SWTOR legacies to complete my spreadsheet. Some I am aware of.